Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

As I hear a video about the most debated topic of the day, the Delhi gang rape, I am writing this article with much grief and pain. I strongly hope the punishments be severe enough to bring fear in the minds of people who dare to attempt such barbaric acts in future.

Now amidst the year end celebrations going on all around the World, let us not forget there are many people on this same planet still struggling to fulfill their hunger, cover their bodies properly and have a decent place to stay. It will be unimaginably arrogant to blame their destinies for their present horrible situations. As we gear up to greet the new year with all enthusiasm and zeal, lets not forget these poor unfortunate souls present all around us. Let us not show blind eyes to their pathetic condition and should do whatever we could to bring smiles to these less priviledged friends around us ateleast on these festive occasions.

I am not trying to be philosophical but just trying to root myself in reality and see what can be done from my side to the underpriviledged beings around me. As small as getting them a meal, giving them your clothes and even a smile from you as you pass them can make their day. So let us take conscious efforts to do whatever we could to bring smiles on the faces of the underprivileged souls that surround us. A quote which comes to my mind right now is "A million of drops make the ocean". So if each one of us does what we could do to help these not so lucky friends as we are, I am sure that the cummulative effect with time will be stunning and beyond our imagination.

Let this new year give you right opportunities to enhance your potential and multiply your joys

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Earphones or Spouses

Hello excuse me, can you guide me where this place is ? (with address in my hand) I politely asked my fellow traveler in a not so crowed city bus on fine afternoon. There was no help, leave aside the help there was no response in the first place from that person. He was looking outside through the window lost in the undisciplined array of vehicles. I just increased my volume a few notches to grasp his attention "can you please tell me where is this place, when should I get down ? Still no response. I was puzzled with his behavior. As I had little time to waste, I took the help of another fellow passenger who willingly extended his helping hand generously.

Still the the thought why didn't the first fellow respond to my query was nagging me. For the rest of the whole journey I watched him carefully to know whether he was deaf. No evidences so far. Restlessness kept creeping through my blood into my head. Finally I could not but stop myself from directly approaching him to make him aware about the whole issue. Just when I was about to get out of my seat (moved to other vacant seat for confirming which stop to get down), he got up to get down in a hurry. That is when I understood that he was so far in a planet of his own. I mean he pulled out his earphones (his long tresses hid them so far) just as he was getting down. Now I could breathe a sigh of relief as my restlessness that was taking the form of Nilam (latest storm that hit east coast of India) just managed to cross the coast without causing much damage. Ha ha ha ha !!

Though it may look funny on the surface, such incidents portray the sad status of the youth of today. Today if you walk on the street of any city or a town, 7 out of 10 walking people will be doing a walk dance to the music that is ringing in their ears. This is true with people travelling in buses, trains and sometimes cars too. Even people can't jog in the beautiful morning weather without their earphones on. So what ? is the very obvious question which is jumping out from your mind immediately now.

If you are little sensible you can see there are a few potential hazards if not many by this careless attitude shown by such people on the road. First and foremost thing is that you are putting your very life at risk when you cross the road with the music on. Secondly people have to increase the earphone sound decibels to unwarranted limits to beat the external noisy traffic. Researches suggest that if you are listening with your earphones on for more than 2 hrs a day, you are prone to various illnesses (both mental and physical) and that is not the least, you may even go deaf with time. Thirdly psychologically you may become isolated (like my fellow passenger) not able to use the opportunity to interact with different kinds of fellow beings around you during your journey. Above all the music which so far was entertaining you and filling you with boundless joy will turn to become just a noise dampener. Anything in excess will turn detrimental.

So why do we need this ever ringing earphones in the first place? I feel we do these things to keep our minds engaged since it has become like a notorious monkey that keeps jumping from one place to another without any motive or purpose. We try to chain it through music. But actually we are fooling ourselves by doing this. The mind monkey is very cunning it will learn to dance to your music with time. So after sometime the same music which transported you to heaven will appear looking like hell (now you can relate the situation, I think :))

Am I against music or enjoyment ?, a big definite "NO" is what my response will be. Music is such a benediction and my heart pains to see it being converted into a curse. Lets enjoy the music to its core without reducing it just as earplugs to escape from our mind and mindless traffic of today. In addition, while travelling we get to meet such diverse personalities from different parts of the society, of different sex, caste, culture etc I feel it will be wise to make use of this opportunity to build relationship with people around us. Remember no matter where you are you always have an opening to learn something new if you are truly willing. That is the beauty of this creation. Lets realize it until it is too late. The sooner, the better

Now that my stop has come, I will get down and will go in search of the address. Oh no !! my earphones are not working....ha ha ha ha ... definitely not for music but for receiving the calls, I use them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Goal Keeping and My Broken Finger

Games and injuries are almost inseparable and this statement becomes a fact in case of football. Recently our team (Energy Hawks) was getting ready for a corporate tournament starting next month. Since our aspirations were high, we started our practice sessions pretty early, this time a month in advance.

My Swollen left ring finger
 Me being the goal keeper of my team, was always at d receiving end (fate of a Goalie :)). One the very first day of the practice we started out with warm up sessions. It was nice to see almost the whole team together on the ground pushing and pulling. Our bodies were little stiff as most of them have returned to the ground after about one year time. Sedentary lifestyle of the corporates would put even the fastest man Usain Bolt in slow motion mode, so we were trying to make our bodies take our instructions. So after the warm out, there were sessions of dribbling and then long shoots at the goal. One goal post and am the only goal keeper and there are almost 15 people firing at you from all directions. Now you can understand why I mentioned that I am always at the receiving end. So that’s how Goal keeper job goes and the most important thing is that I enjoy to b at the receiving end every time. I thrive well under pressure and I feel that’s what makes me a strong last line of defense between the opposition and the goal post.
Plastered finger

After a few minutes of corner practice, it’s now time for my favorite one (not anymore though :( ), the penalty kicks. I always enjoyed stopping penalty kicks. With good anticipation and quick reflexes, I always try to outwit the shooter. One after the other people started shooting, I could save few (really tough ones) and tried desperately to save others too in vain. After a while I was tired coz goal keeping during penalty is really resource intensive, demands lot of alertness and concentration. At this point of time did this incident happen, when one of my friends shot the ball and it came in a very awkward height (close to my right ribs). In an attempt to stop it with both hands, my hands went in the direction of the ball. Ouch…!! The ball kissed the ring finger of my left hand and then rebounced with the same force. I was in a deadly pain. Even after that I kept for few more hits, and then the pain kept on increasing. Only now did I realize that I had done something to my finger.

My team mates saw me that I was uncomfortable and bit concerned, so they extended their helping hands to me. On that night I drove back to my home in the bike (clutching was painful yet manageable). The whole night I was not able to sleep because of pain and the finger got swollen badly (figure).

Next day two of my team mates took me to the hospital and then through X-ray it was identified as a hairline fracture. So now that it is plastered (figure) for 3 weeks’ time, I am desperately praying to God that my finger should get healed soon, so that I can play the tournament (13th August, 2012). Hope God is listening to me :))

Finger may be broken but not my aspiration certainly. I am not ready to settle for anything but “The Champion” title :)))

Saturday, June 30, 2012


My search for an excellent and versatile tablet ended when I happened to see this unique marvel from the Korean giant in electronics, the Samsung company. By now you would have guessed about the coveted gadget which I am talking about. Yes it is none other that the sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Once laying your eyes on it, you cannot resist yourself from seeing it again, a definite head turner !! I was literally pulled towards it mercilessly. I had no other option but to buy it. Now I am the proud owner of this tabby and the quote which comes to my mind at this point of time about my tabby is "Owner's pride, neighbour's envy".

For Specifications

Instead of listing out its features, which can be done more effectively by google search, I like to share my firsthand experience of my tabby in first few days of touch and operations. The first look will suggest you that the tablet is perfectly sleek and stylish which will make you to acknowlege the creativity of the person who designed it. After operating in the usual 3-4" screens of the mobiles till now, it feels totally different to work in this huge 7" monster. You no longer have eye strains and waterings due to small fonts and next to invisble displays of the regular phones. You can do social networking with much ease and satisfaction. Experience of watching videos in such a clear LED screen is beyond the grasp of words. Its automatic brightness adjustment sensor keeps the screen always visible whether you walking on the road on the night of new moon or sitting right below the mercury light of highest intensity. Sound quality is very good. The touch interface is heavenly. It will put the woman awarded with the most soft and radiant skin on this planet to shame very easily. Provided with 3MP rear camera and a front facing camera of little bit lesser resolution, photography and videography is an enjoyable experience.

Now my laptop is resting since the arrival of my tabby, as all his works are performed by his small smart brother. Still don't worry big bro, there are certain things for which I cannot do without your help. Cheer up !! With only a few days of arrival, my tabby has already consuming most of time and keeping me engaged all day amidst my other busy chores. All said and done I feel I have only explored less than 5% of it and can't wait to get to it time and again. Exploration work is underway and once explored exploitation will follow. "Kar lo duniya mutti me" (Grasp the World into your fist) is a famous hindi adage and seems very apt for my tabby in my hand.

One line that can summarise my experience with my tabby so far is "Loads of fun with great lot of surprises and still coming"

Now where has my tabby gone.....Oh my new application got downloaded and I am going to play withit now...Ok bye bye for now and catch you later with another unique experience.

Oh that looks a great application...........Where to start........

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Acknowledgement is the Real Gift for a Creator

When you have taken birth on this planet, your life as a series of activities has also started. Eating, drinking, playing, reading, running etc are some of the lot, and no one can escape from this strong programming of this nature. There is no escape route whatsoever. The only choice which is left with you is that how are you performing these otherwise inevitable activities, whether joyfully or miserably, either willingly or with resistance. That is all u need to think about and frankly speaking that is all that can be done by you. All others ideas you are filled with is all just pure fantasy.

Out of the mundane lot of activities that you are forced to perform in your daily life, there are certain activities which you do heart fully and for which you can’t wait to do them. You are overwhelming with joy when doing them. Because of your love towards them they become effortless and the results are creative. Each one of us have such a thing or even better things in life, where we are ready to invest our lives on it. Many times we don’t do our close to heart works because of the expectations of people around us and due to unnecessary insecurities, most of us end up doing things throughout our lives which we would not even have dreamt in the worst of our nightmares. Things which are not close to our heart, when done every day just become so mundane and mechanical that the very thought of doing them fills us with grief. So we don’t involve much in those inevitable works but just do it for the sake of them. In the process the quality of those works or relationships suffer and the results are visible today with people around you. This all happens because people don’t have any idea about their wellbeing and what they need to do enhance their life. This is all unfortunately sheer ignorance of themselves and the gift called life.

Me as a person has no other choice either to go through the mundane activities of life. But I make sure that I do them with willingness and do not allow them to control my mood swings. Just a shift in your perspective towards life ushers substantial changes needed for better life and believe me that is all it takes. Apart from drumming, driving, photography, one of the close to my heart hobby is writing. So what do I write about? I don’t have any specific style of expression or taste or choice of topics, I write down my own experiences of life which are profound and have impact on me. It’s more of a sharing of a newly found wisdom pearl in the ocean of life, where still countless pearls are lying to be discovered. I write when I am happy, I write when I am unhappy, I write when I am thrilled, I write when I feel cheated, I write when I am bored, I write when I need to share, I write when I read something and I write when I feel I should write. That should give you an idea how amateur writer/author I am.

Acknowledment is the real gift for a creator
My articles for me were just child’s scribbling on a piece of paper, which only he understands and cherishes. I thought nobody could understand my scribbling which is nothing but my thoughts that arise as waves in my heart ocean. I was proved wrong when my poem was awarded as the best poem in the Poetry competition held in our Organization during the occasion of Environment Day, 2012. Even though some of my friends kept telling me that am a good author and should consider writing as a serious hobby, I always felt that they are fulfilling the duties of a true friend (person who likes who you are and what you do, no matter what). Acknowledgment is the real gift for an author/artist is the wisdom I gained from this competition.

My poem title “Mother Earth” (article below) was about our dear Earth who carries all of us on her lap with love and compassion but in turn we foolishly outrage her modesty. In a way my anger go an expression through these 16 lines. I strongly feel that it is our prime duty to take of the planet ,our first home in which we live, in the fullest possible way. Else we can proudly call ourselves as intellectual fools who shoot ourselves in our own foot.

“Live and Let Live” is one thing that comes to my mind at this point of time. So let us live happily and let our dear mother Earth also live joyfully.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why this Kolaveri di ?

" Why this Kolaveri di ?" needs no explanation from me. The whole world shook to its rythmn. Even people who could not comprehend its meaning were not able to resist hearing it time and again. I heard that Japanese had brought out their own version (in their mother tongue) of the song. Such was the impact of this peppy number. Within a few days, this song had around 10 million hits in youtube which never happened before and I doubt will happen in future too. Even elders can't resist shaking their legs when their ear drums were bombarded by the sound "Why this Kolaveri di ? "

But most importantly, Why this Kolaveri di ?, took the national awardee south Indian hero called Dhanush to the heights of popularity overnight. It may never seem to be oversaid to tell that people went crazy for him after he lent his voice to this typical tamil coated english number. He became the hero of the masses. His stardom reached such pinnacles that there were talks that he would direct an Hindi movie with the all time great, Big B.

One may wonder that these are all things which world knew very well and why am I just making this blog-post look like a page in the book of modern history ?? Ok justification is as follows...
Now after this very song scaling the peaks of popularity, I had to sacrifice my own name. One may wonder why ? Now people no longer call me by my name, they either address me as Kolaveri or Dhanush. Everybody knows that this song has got Dhanush the lable of a star of international acclaim. But what no one knows is that this  same peppy number has totally dissolved my own identity (may be many people like me). My six letter name (Deepak) got replaced almost instantly after the advent of this number, not only among my friends, even my collegues and even worse among my relatives too. Now my cricket mates know me by the name of Kolaveri only. If I don't respond to that calling the next sound with higher pitch comes immediately as "hey Dhanush...can't you hear me "...!!. The reason cited is that I am a xerox of Dhanush.

This incident will make you understand my real plight in depth. Today I went to an insurance agent for my two wheeler insurance renewal. Agent was not there, so I had to wait for sometime. When he came inside, as he approached me he had a surprised and puzzled look in his face that made me uncomfortable. But eventually we were at business instantly discussing about the insurance policy renewal (still wondering about the puzzle look of him). Now to pay the premium I had to draw money in the nearby ATM and he was grateful enough to accompany me to the ATM to recive the premium amount. As we were waiting for our turn in the queue, I could not resist myself from asking the reason behind the puzzled look of his a few minutes earlier. Pat came the reply from him with a smile, he told, as he entered he saw me and felt tha Dhanush has come to his office and was surprised by that fact. He exclaimed with joy that I look exactly like Dhanush (he had seen him @ Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai last week) and anyone can mistake me for him.

As always I had no other option but smile calmly with agreement (eventhough am not sure). Now one question which I am desperately waiting to ask Dhanush is "Why this Kolaveri da ?"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Mother

The Earth
Oh!  My Mother Earth..

It is in you that all of us reside,

Embraced by your compassion on every side

Beauty of you lies in your vastness,

Yet you keep every being in your closeness

What we comprehend about you is very little,

Your beauty is seen in every tiny beetle

These mortal minds keep guessing about your birth
Not realizing your real worth

Nonstop is your journey around the sun,

Showing us the way how life should be won

You emotions are seen in different seasons,

To be joyful should I have any more reasons?

Mindless mankind is stripping you of your own glory,

Not realizing that they are digging their own graves in hurry

Tears of gratitude fill my eyes,

May this human race pay heed to your cries!!

Walking on this planet sensibly is the prime need of the hour. If our mother Earth is not happy, definitely we cannot be.....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh It is You !!

  When adrenaline is gushing through your nerves, only two things attract you, one is the latest gadgets and/or sporty automobiles and the second one is off course the hot beautiful babes. This time around fortunately or unfortunately I was pulled mercilessly towards this machine without any choice.


That evening, after an exhaustive football match, I was returning back to my home on my bike (me a goal keeper). It was then I found this sleek stunning machine just whizzing past me…zoooommmm !! Just by the glimpse of the rear light design I can recognize the maker of any car (am crazy about cars and bikes) and name it with ease. But this particular one just took me by surprise, I never happened to see such a design of the rear lights ever before nor such sleekest curvy structured body. All the models stored in my brain library refused to match with this one. Now I understood that I have just seen something entirely new for the first time. In an effort to know that machine further, I just throttled my bike (cheetah, I call it) to reach near it.


After much persuasion I could go beside that black sleek curvy monster. From the side view still I was not able to make out the parent of this child. One could say that dimensions matched with Honda Accord in general and its design was a mixture of Maruti Suzuki SX4 and Honda Civic with first look appearance. Finally the traffic signal approached (I was already praying that signal should be red for ever) and that gave me an opportunity to have a closer look at this beauty. Wow is the only word that can describe this blacky. Just went week on my knees just by the look of it. Do people call this love at first sight? I don’t know, but thatz how I felt at that moment.
 So you are already waiting to know her identity I know. A few more words will make you….?? . Ok ok….She is none other than the brand new KIZASHI from Maruti Suzuki. Happened to see her in pictures during the launch a few month ago but she just swept me off my feet when she stood beside me.

Distinct striking feature which I liked the most were the two exhaust pipes on the rear corners enhanced with silver eye shaped lining. Just superb…!!

Still adrenaline gushing through my nerves, may be this time around I will be attracted to an hot chic!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Beautiful Flower in my Garden

First day did I see you?

The Beautiful Flower
    little did I know you?

I sat beside you,

    least knowing that the moment was pregnant with possibility of such a beautiful relationship

Your first smile at me,

    made me admire the child hidden within you

Those first few words of mine,

    a desperate attempt to know you a little further

In your warmth,

    has my entire being melting

Time God was kind enough,

    to bring us together for whatever reasons

Entire planet may dissolve in your beautiful love,

    People like you are very few 

When you are around, I cannot help myself,

    but smiling insanely without choice

Those same old roads which I travel,

    suddenly started looking beautiful with you around

My journeys with you were long in measurements,

    but to me they were actually very short and impermanent

With your blessed bubbly energy,

    My heart always feels that synergy

With me, your every talk may not be of relevance,

    but am already in a state of transcendence

Not only are your praises beautiful,

    your sweet scoldings are also wonderful

Like a gentle wind did you blow into mine,

    only to uproot my very core unknown

Hope this beautiful bird may live in my life garden forever,
    may or may not happen now and here

Oh ! my friend whose name starts with R,

    without you my life may go bare

Whatever I say about you,  never becomes too much,
    please always stay in touch

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

She heard my Silence

It was one cold winter midnight and I was lying on my bed completely wrapped around by the quilt to cheat the weather God. It was calm all around. The ‘tick tick’ sound of my room clock was hearing so clearly that one could say it was ‘tick clock silence’ as against ‘pin drop silence.’ Ha ha ha! Rolling from side to side or lying straight on back or belly, nothing helped me to bring in that evading sleep after a hectic day. Oh God! What is happening with me? I exclaimed in vain. Then I realized that my thoughts were lingering around this pretty girl whom I even forgot long back until I saw a photo of hers today in one of the social networking sites. At once memory flood gates opened and I was inundated with all those beautiful moments when she was around me. I became lost in those remnants and that is the reason for which my eyes denied closing. Cool breeze was blowing and the clock was still ticking ‘tick tick tick’.

This girl happened to be my classmate during my post graduation. To call her my lover will be a sin or to call her my girlfriend will amount to a grave crime. So what the damn thing was she to me? Till now I am also in search of an appropriate answer for this puzzle. So it will be safe to call her my friend (not convincing enough). From the day one I had a sort of crush on her. Her large pearly eyes made me go weak on my knees. The cute smile of her coming straight from the heart (Oh my God!) will make any ordinary person a great poet overnight. Her slender figure coupled with her milky skin made things worse for me whenever I saw her. Who told God is merciful, definitely not, he should be the most cruel person else he would have not created such an excellent art and killed me every moment with its beauty. Unfortunately english becomes a poor language when it comes to expressing her beauty. So I could only bring out half of her beauty through words, the other half remains elusive and left only to be experienced.

During my college days, I became a very studious guy not grades but for her grace. Admiring her from a distance is all I could do then. For many days she did not even know about me (in a class of 50 pupils…quite expected for an ordinary looking guy like me) that I am studying in the same class of hers. Following her without her knowledge was my forte (off course this is true with almost all the guys). After many months, for the first time ever when she called my name and congratulated me for becoming a topper (unexpectedly though) in one of my papers (don’t even remember the subject now…!) I was floating two inches above the ground for the next few days. The happiness of hearing my name through her lips overtook the happiness of becoming the topper.

With time slowly she too came to know about my following and liking for her. But at any point of time she could never conclude that I am hitting on her for my entire admiration was happening through a distance by gesturing and following and I never could speak a word to her about my liking for her. It is told that “when you have a very strong desire to attain something, nature conspires to make you achieve that goal”. So my liking was so intense that she could not ignore it. Slowly unknowingly (I think..) she also started reciprocating. A silent romantic movie was on display which very few people around us could notice. Those face to face meets in the canteen, those side glances while passing against each other in the class or anywhere for that matter, those slight smiles in between the lectures, those subtle gestures in between the group discussions etc etc……. everything was so beautiful and romantic that I never imagined that such unique moments will ever happen in my life. The beauty of our relationship lies in not speaking a word but still we were aware about the strong liking that grew between us. And it stayed that way thereafter forever. Neither I had the courage to open up my heart to her not she had the necessity (not the right word….but true in a sense) to approach me. (She was a north Indian and I am a south Indian)

Then both of us departed and started walking our own ways. We did not have an opportunity to meet after that. A famous saying comes to my mind now “Man proposes but God disposes” which is rightly applicable to our small yet beautiful relationship.

After about 4 year’s time I happened to see her picture in one of the Social networking sites along with her fiancĂ©. At that moment all the drama that happened between us started running like a cinema in front of my eyes (without interval though ). At the end of it, all that I could was to laugh to myself and feel grateful for her for bestowing me with such a unique and deeper experience of life. At present, I don’t know where do I stand in her mind and whether or not I stand at all, but from the bottom of my heart I wish her a very happy , successful and a fulfilling married life. May God bless you dear ……!

Suddenly, I was back to my senses when I heard the sound of the toilet door being opened (mom was using that). Then I saw the time it was already one hour beyond midnight and I had to leave to office early the next day due to some important assignment. So with heavy heart and wet eyes I had no other option but to pull up my blanket tight and sleep.

Now again the only sound I could hear was ‘tick tick tick tick……..’

Friday, January 27, 2012

With Love

With the touch of love…

You can move mountains,
you can experience the worst freefall of your life

You can win the time God,
your every minute can stretch into a decade

You can experience the deepest of joys known to mankind,
you can be pushed to depths of sorrow and misery

You can become blissfully unaware about the damn things around you
you can be made into an object of mockery and fun

You can discover the sweetest person in you
you can end up being the worst person on this planet

You can beautifully lose yourself with willingness to someone
you can turn into a most ugly possessive moron ever known

You can conquer death just by her millimeter smile,
you can die every moment until you stay alive

         So love has no discriminations,
         Bliss or misery is your choice though

Drink the wine of life through the glass of love, and
May Bliss become your very nature

Friday, January 20, 2012

YAMAHA R15 V2 - A Dream Ride

Dream come true !
Right from the days of my childhood, riding a Yamaha bike was a dream for me. Some few years back when Yamaha RX 100 bike was seen all over the roads, I was a school boy and all I could do was to stand beside the bike and admire it or at the most touch it and feel happy. Riding it became an unfulfilled desire of my life. After that, situations changed, many things happened and my life took different turns because of which this desire got buried deep into the ashes of daily activities of life. But until recently I discovered that it was buried as seed waiting to sprout whenever right environment is created. So that environment happened a few days back when actually I had an opportunity to ride on of the latest Yamaha bikes and that too the sensational, stylish and sporty R15 Version 2. After riding on it I felt I am on the top of the world.

Let me admit that it was not just an accident that led me to ride this speed machine. It was a cunning trap laid by me to my friend who was evaluating various options for buying a bike. Actually I happened to read the news about the launch of this R15 Version 2 and seeing it for the first time itself, I lost my senses. Wow! What a design! Now that my friend wanted to buy a bike and I wanted to ride it, so cunningly I plotted out a plan. I kept persistently troubling him to have a look this new R15 Version 2 bike which he did not even think of. Initially he was not interested at all whatsoever. But I persistently followed him by sending him the pictures of this bike through mail, coaxing him for a test ride just for fun even though he is not going to buy it and such kind of things. Finally my perseverance paid off and he was convinced that he should buy. Now to be frank, more than him I was happy for him buying a bike and that too my favorite Yamaha R15 version. Nothing is impossible to turn your dream into reality if you pursue it with committed heart and strong head is what I felt at that moment.

YAMAHA R15 Version 2

Finally the big day arrived for which I was waiting all my life though not just easily, but after many difficulties like not available today, come tomorrow ,difficulty in convincing the dealer for the ride before booking it etc etc. But the excitement of riding my favorite bike kept me going beyond all the hiccups with ease. Actually when the time of my life came, riding it, I just adored the bike standing beside it for a very long time and went around it time and again; just to drink its entire beauty and believe me I was intoxicated by its style. After that I gently sat over it and was checking my stance and at that moment it was like Oh My God! I did it :)

I finally rode my lover bike for about 1 km in a stretch of heavy city traffic. Even in that heavy traffic I wanted to drive it to maximum speed and get the feel of it totally. So vehicles in the road did not hold me and I went zzzooooommmmm! The dealer boy who was sitting behind me surely would have had a nightmare (pillion rider does not have anything to hold on to). But I enjoyed every bit of it; I drove up to the top most gear (5) within that heavy traffic stretch which actually gave me opportunity for checking the brakes and horn too. The very way I was just speeding on such a busy road made most of the heads to turn towards me and off course the stylish R15 Version 2 also has its own share in it. At last after the ride, I was too hesitant to get down from my dream machine, but had too without any option though.

Some technical specification from my riding experience is that bike is excellent to handle especially in city traffic; gear shift is smooth, very powerful engine, stylish looks that makes anyone go weak on their knees, loud horns and bright head lamps. One thing to watch out is the stance on takes while sitting on it which may be an issue for some of them if they will have to ride for long distances. You make an angle of around 60 degrees with the ground so there is every like possibility that you end up having back ache and even your hands may pain as most of your weight goes on your hands. In addition, the pillion rider seat is way too high and there are no grills to hold on to. So one should be an adventure lover to travel with you.

All in all it was a dream ride on my dream bike but definitely not in my dream location. Yessssss! Finally I did it.

So after that my friend booked this speed machine (red color) and we are expecting it sometime a month’s time from now. Once it gets delivered then I will have lots of fun with it to post new articles on the blog. Stay tuned.

For bike specifications log on to

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoga or Meditation

Recently when I was having a casual talk with one of my friends, we somehow slipped into the topic of spirituality. She is more of a religious person who does all kinds of fasting, rituals etc. Now while we were discussing about the universal doubt “existence of God”, she spilled out a statement saying that yoga and meditation are two different things and according to her both are two different worlds altogether. This statement actually made me look deeper into the unexplored dimensions of our life and helped me understand the link between yoga and meditation to some extent.

Yoga in Sanskrit means, union or becoming one. So yoga is not about twisting your body or standing with your head down or doing all those unimaginable asanas. If you are sensible, you can notice in your life that for different states of our internal feel, you exhibit different external postures unconsciously. Have you noticed this? When we are happy, the way we talk, walk, sit, see etc is in a certain way and the same things we do in a totally different way when we are actually unhappy. Ancient yogis have capitalized on this link and they brought out a totally a new domain of science called as Yogic sciences for our well being. It goes this way that when you hold a certain posture, you can actually change the way you feel. So here we are becoming conscious about the way we do our external activities in order to attain a certain state of calm and peace within us. In yogic tradition it is believed that this yoga was first introduced to mankind by the Adi Yogi (Shiva) himself and he was the first person to show the way to people to attain their ultimate nature. So yoga comprises of everything we do in the name of sadhana for self-realization. What we call meditation or Dhyan is one of the limbs of yoga (Ashtanga yoga). So if you are in yoga, meditation or Dhyan has to happen. In addition there is nothing called as doing meditation, if you become aware about your inner nature you become meditative, that’s all. But now unfortunately meditation is being propagated in a totally different perspective which will subsequently destroy it with time. Meditation is not about becoming something; it is all about knowing that you are a no-thing.

Unless and until these things comes into your experience, yoga, meditation, soul, self etc are mere a group of alphabets or wordw and you will have your own set of ideas and concepts in your minds for these as you do it for all other things. Doing so will take you nowhere. These subjective aspects of life cannot be approached with total logic as you do with the survival aspects of life. Unless you  explore the deeper dimensions of life, you will lead a very superficial life as all other animal beings on this planet and the whole human life will go waste upon you. It is high time that we should move towards the path which will help us to know and experience life in it full depth and details.

So don’t get lost in this war of words and start your journey to know it yourself. Only then there is a possibility to live here as a complete human being, else you are one another animal among the countless on this planet.