Monday, July 23, 2012

Goal Keeping and My Broken Finger

Games and injuries are almost inseparable and this statement becomes a fact in case of football. Recently our team (Energy Hawks) was getting ready for a corporate tournament starting next month. Since our aspirations were high, we started our practice sessions pretty early, this time a month in advance.

My Swollen left ring finger
 Me being the goal keeper of my team, was always at d receiving end (fate of a Goalie :)). One the very first day of the practice we started out with warm up sessions. It was nice to see almost the whole team together on the ground pushing and pulling. Our bodies were little stiff as most of them have returned to the ground after about one year time. Sedentary lifestyle of the corporates would put even the fastest man Usain Bolt in slow motion mode, so we were trying to make our bodies take our instructions. So after the warm out, there were sessions of dribbling and then long shoots at the goal. One goal post and am the only goal keeper and there are almost 15 people firing at you from all directions. Now you can understand why I mentioned that I am always at the receiving end. So that’s how Goal keeper job goes and the most important thing is that I enjoy to b at the receiving end every time. I thrive well under pressure and I feel that’s what makes me a strong last line of defense between the opposition and the goal post.
Plastered finger

After a few minutes of corner practice, it’s now time for my favorite one (not anymore though :( ), the penalty kicks. I always enjoyed stopping penalty kicks. With good anticipation and quick reflexes, I always try to outwit the shooter. One after the other people started shooting, I could save few (really tough ones) and tried desperately to save others too in vain. After a while I was tired coz goal keeping during penalty is really resource intensive, demands lot of alertness and concentration. At this point of time did this incident happen, when one of my friends shot the ball and it came in a very awkward height (close to my right ribs). In an attempt to stop it with both hands, my hands went in the direction of the ball. Ouch…!! The ball kissed the ring finger of my left hand and then rebounced with the same force. I was in a deadly pain. Even after that I kept for few more hits, and then the pain kept on increasing. Only now did I realize that I had done something to my finger.

My team mates saw me that I was uncomfortable and bit concerned, so they extended their helping hands to me. On that night I drove back to my home in the bike (clutching was painful yet manageable). The whole night I was not able to sleep because of pain and the finger got swollen badly (figure).

Next day two of my team mates took me to the hospital and then through X-ray it was identified as a hairline fracture. So now that it is plastered (figure) for 3 weeks’ time, I am desperately praying to God that my finger should get healed soon, so that I can play the tournament (13th August, 2012). Hope God is listening to me :))

Finger may be broken but not my aspiration certainly. I am not ready to settle for anything but “The Champion” title :)))

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