Monday, October 25, 2010

Myself turning Alcoholic

Late night parties, gulping many beer bottles, knocking of peg after peg was not my forte. When it comes to de-balancing ourselves, I am a total stranger until few days back, when I happened to lay my hands on a beer can. You know what, after that no stopping me.

I am made in such a way, fortunately or unfortunately that if am doing something I am totally into it or else not doing it.  No half measures in any attempt. So long during lot of occasions I did not have any interest in these beers or hot drinks. So nobody had the competence to make me drink these. But ultimately when I started drinking nobody can stop me either. Thanks to my charecter.

  It all happened in a hurry that I could hardly recollect the special occasion of my life, me drinking a beer. Mind you it is really special. I was sitting in my room lonely and had nothing to do. It was a holiday and was playing with the remote keys of the television. Suddenly an idea struck me from nowhere, may be this the time to taste the much hyped starter alcohol the "BEER". 

Without any second thought, I wore my shirt and started searching for the shop. As I was in a new country (not India) I could not locate a single shop having beer after almost roaming for about 2 hours. Highly dejected I had to return to my hotel, only to know that it served beer, of course almost four times that of the rate available outside. But after roaming so long the desire dryed off in the heat of the sun. So I decided to postpone the plan for the next day. 
My first brand
With prior planning this time I did not mess up, I bought two cans of  Heineken beer (330ml) while returning home from my office. I cannot wait to taste it , so as soon as I entered the room I opened the one of the cans and drank. The first drop of alcohol got into my digestive system ever. Having used to fantas and pepsis, my tongue did not appreciated the bitterness of the beer intially. But my enthusiasm of drinking overcame the bitterness and with help of some snacks I could overcome that somewhat ackward taste (amateur drinker) to complete the can. As been told I did not feel dizziness or something after gulping it, I was really cool. More than the Beer itself,  the enthusiasm of drinking it was a peculiar experience something similar to the happiness you can see in a child's face when he gets, after much persuasion the same toy he demanded. Then gradually I upgraded myself to 660ml cans and those gave me some real kicks for sometime after drinking them. No worries unless no addiction. Lets see.

Now I have also joined the worldwide club of beer drinking machos. So far so good. Just wanted to share an excitement of some peculiar kind which I never imagined to experience through this debalancing drink. Kudos to for all who are already reaping the benifits derived by gulping this wonderful drink.Non-drinkers, its worth giving it a short !!


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Divine Sweet prepared by Mother Nature for her children

"Nature's gift to mankind on this planet is countless and priceless ranging from water(elixir of life), air, space to live, food to eat,other fellow beings for procreation etc...etc. Living on natural food, forms the basis of healthy and joyful living. For the first time in my life I was fortunate to taste the 'Sweet prepared solely by nature for us'. A unique divine taste that moved me into a blissful trance eluding one's imagination."
That was a bright shiny morning as always I had just arrived to my office. Just when I was doing my daily mail checks, this marvel was brought to my table. Intial appearance did not arouse my interest much. I could see a box full of white soft flour (powdery) with some irregular shaped balls immersed in it. With hesitation I searched for the smallest specimen for test and dropped in my mouth. As my eyes were deceptive to the appearance of this nature's gift (though I did not know at that time that it is from nature), so did my tongue intially. It was somewhat sticky and as I chewed I could not make out whether the taste was good or not, rather I will put it this way I liked it or not. But certainly a whole new flavour which my tongue had not tasted before. Suddenly all my senses  awoke in a flash.

Nature's Gift (sweet) to mankind

Now I did not have an option but to take another one. Then the real taste of this divine gift struck me with all its force. I became speechless for few moments. Obvioulsy as expected I pushed as many as I can into my mouth (though one by one) with a fear (infact) whether I will be able to see this delicacy again in my lifetime. After finishing almost half the box, I still found no heaviness in my intestine and my system was functioning as good as I had nothing. Mind u folks this is clear cut indication of a natural food. My intuition was this not manmade. To confirm it I started enquirng about the making of this sweet.

Just cant wait to eat !! delicious sweets

My intuition turned out to be right. This is a sweet made from the powder that gets accumulated on the leaves of the trees seen in some particluar Mountains of Iraq. As the local person said "It is a sweet from heaven". He said that the powder is falling from the top(source not known) and gets accumulated in the leaves. These branches of trees are then cut and the powder is collected and  then processed (just cleaned no sweet added). Finally the balls seen in the above snaps are made. These balls are then filled with white flour (wheat) for not sticking with each other. Then they are packed with flour and sold as shown above in boxes.

Note: No sugar or any sweetners added
Myself...enjoyin the nature's feast

So now you all might be interested in knowing the price. Yes I know. The price is on the higher side as expected, one kg of this sweet costs u around 25$ (Rs.1125/- approx). It is available in Kurdistan (Sulaimaniya), Iraq.

My taking from this: "We should strive to take our lives beyond our prejudices to experience myriads of things (small and big) strewn around us by the almighty."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mahakali Mata in Iraq - truly Omnipresent

 "True to her praise as omnipresent and omnipotent, the Devi mata appeared in Iraq - a country which does not know her and even worse where people have never heard about her" - Do you know how?

We bloat ourselves saying that India is a secular country and a home of many religions, caste, creed, language etc..etc.. Not long ago,when the verdict of the much awaited and postponed babri masjid issue was about to be heard the whole country was cought in a cold fear of the consequences of the verdict rather than the verdict itself. Fortunately everything was as smooth as unexpected.The reason for mentioning this here is that inspite of projecting ourselves as a secular country we had had hidden indifferences under the canopy of secularism. As per my understanding, in a country like Iraq (I am right now) which apparently does not encourage other religions except their own (Muslim), I was shocked to see the portraits of Hindu Gods in one of their daily newspaper of their regional language. The fanatic image which I had in my mind about these citizens  immediately started crumbling like a pack of cards.

Linga Bhairavi - Devi

Some regional news paper was lying on the table. My habit of viewing pictures in any piece of paper before me, made me to pick the paper and started flipping the pages. In one of the pages I could see Devi Mahakali's photo. My intial response after seein this was Ah!! Am I dreaming?  Mahakali Mata in IRAQ ??? When I knew I was not I could not beleive my eyes. An instant  realisation struck me, the cosmic reality is much beyond the boundaries on my thoughts and imagination. I became crazy and started showing these potraits to all my Indian friends (only a few though) with much enthusiasm. The response from them was like "Oh goood" type of thing, atleast I was not seeing any surprise element in them as me. But I could not supress my curiosity to know what this article contains, but unfortunately out of very few languages I knew, this Kurdish (similar to Arbic but not same) is not the one.

Kurdish newspaper with Hindu Gods

So I sought help of some of the localites. Being busy afternoon hours, people could not devote time for me. They had a puzzled look in their faces when for the first time I was asking them to explain about something published in their regional language. With whatever little mastery I have attained over their language(kurdish) I was searching words from the space to make them understand about my bubling enthusiasm (see in my eyes) on this particlular topic in their newspaper. It took almost ten minutes to make them understand that I wanted to understand the content of this article. Answering their "why u need explanation of this article?" was the toughest situation I ever faced in my life. After attempting all the gestures and postures I knew, still I was not able to make them understand that I was interested to know why Hindu Gods' portrait has been published in their newspaper whom their country is now aware off. Atlast, one line came to my rescue to end all my misery. They instantly understood my anxiety when I mutterd out the phrase " You how Allah.... me same Mahakali..!!!.  Now their reactions seemed positive. I appreciated myself for making them understand atlast. 'Thank you Allah' I said myself.

Front cover the Kurdish Newspaper of concern
After all the drama when I was overwhelmed with the joy of knowing the article in detail, pat came the reply "Deepak I am busy, I tell u aftersome time" from everybody. They uttered this phrase as perfect bristish men speaking english right from their childhood(people here speak broken english).The only thing my local friends managed to tell me that the whole article is about 'SWORD'. Coincidentally if u see carefully the snap of the page containing Hindu Gods, only word in english is 'SWORD'. Back to square one.

But my enthusiasm has not faded with time (2 days). My persuasion will be alive until my curiosity of knowing the article is not fulfilled. Definitely will let u all know what the articles says hopefully in near future.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beauty amidst misery - a pleasant experience

Certain people and places we come across in our lives stays in our memory for rest of our tenure on this beautiful planet. Such was an impact that this heaven on earth left on me when I first happened to be in this place. I will not mention the name of the country where this place is located until the end just to arouse the reader's curiosity. Certainly not within our mother India's boundary folks...!

Road side view of the plains
The very glimpse of this snap sings for its own beauty. Being a shutterbug myself I see the things around me with the eyes of a photographer which makes me give importance to the very details of events around me otherwise not possible in this fast world. Awe struck by the beauty of this place I tried to capture those moments of surprise which kindled a new joy within me which nowhere comes near to the reality itself. Neverthless these freezed moments gives us all a clue to the divine beauty oozing out of our nature 24x7 only for us.

These photographs were taken while moving at a speed of 100kph in my Pajero vehicle (one of my favourite). So any technical shortcomings be seen with less critical eye.
Metting place of earth and sky
This photo literally shows the vastness of the nature. Our manmade road that looks merely a scratch on this planet in between these mammoth mountains. My realisation from this is something I would cherish for times to come. I perceive this road as our lives and we are travellers in this road. These mountains are our apparent problems(day to day). Our lives (road) are carved out very well. It is we who move in someother directions and hit these giant mountains (problems in life) and then curse the creator, his marvellous creaion, not realising our own faults. If we are focussed and unwavering our journey will be not only a smooth but even a joyous one.

Rare greenery seen

Just a few green cover here and there but otherwise the whole place is dry including the climate (now u should have an idea of this place...). The reason for this dryness is that the creator has bestowed the warmth of this world in the hearts of these people and made them really wet with love and compassion. Really I have been amazed by being with this people, we shoul learn the friendliness and the openess and all including compassionate passion from these friends. Their poverty has made them rich, their hunger has filled their hearts with oneness and their friendship has shown me that real unconditional love which cant be explained with help of words. Given powers I will bestow them with all the comforts of this planet and just lead my life joyfully by looking at their happiness. 

View of a city life

The city life looks calm and peaceful. Definitely cleaner than many of our Indian cities. The people here though not literate but still have the sense of cleanliness. They hardly throw any litter on the pathways. In this context they are far more educated than most of our country literates who doest care to throw anything and spit anywhere.

Then a bridge which we crossed was really a narrow one. As expected no water was flowin in the river below. Neverthless it was exciting to see vehicles pass carefully without scratching eachother, waiting for eachother to go. Some humanity is still left in this planet to be expressed in compulsive situations. he he!!

The narrow Bridge

City road bordered with green trees -  very rare sight

As I was just slipping out of my consciouness and getting lost in this marvellous beauty, Suddently a seargent appeared before me and asking me something which I could not grasp. I could just here the sound his words produced. Thats it, I could not get anything whatsoever. The only thing which comes to our rescue once we are out of India is our PASSPORT. So I immediately searched for my Passport in my bag and showed him. It seems he was yelling at me for this.  He had some mental calcuations and started seeing me, the passport and sky in a jumbling sequence. Finally he supposedely understood that I am from Hindustan. He laughed at me and said oh! you Hindi....Amitab Babajhan....(Aitab Bachan they call so). A huge smile appeared in this face which gave me a sigh of relief. Thanks to Amitab Bachan .

Check point where I awoke from dream

This whole description was just a trailer of the real life movie I am now watching in this so called dangerous land. Oops...  Ok now it is ime to reveal the name of the place I am bloation about so long. It is none other than most neglected and least expected-----------KURDISTAN in Norther IRAQ.

Now I remember a famous proverb "Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer".

My First Love


When I boil down with my life…
U come to shower your grace on me

When the whole world knows you…
My relationship with u still remain a secret

U come wherever I go, whenever I go…
To remind me yourlove on me

Fully drenched in your love do I stand…
Only to find u left me with no bind

Ur ways of making love with me are always mesmerizing…
My admiration for u keeps rising

Late in my life did I recognize you…
To be melted in your gaze

Immense strength and tender heart both with you…
Enjoying both is my privilege.

Sometimes u come with warning and at times cunning…
Always cute looking my darling

U hit me hard with all your care…
To make me even more dare

U remain same everywhere and every time…
Please teach me this trick for good

Thank you for filling me with your grace
My whole world disappears when I see your face

U r none other than my friend, Rain….
Without you my life is totally vain!! vain!!!

U and me together make beautiful sights…
With u my future may rise to beautiful heights