Friday, January 27, 2012

With Love

With the touch of love…

You can move mountains,
you can experience the worst freefall of your life

You can win the time God,
your every minute can stretch into a decade

You can experience the deepest of joys known to mankind,
you can be pushed to depths of sorrow and misery

You can become blissfully unaware about the damn things around you
you can be made into an object of mockery and fun

You can discover the sweetest person in you
you can end up being the worst person on this planet

You can beautifully lose yourself with willingness to someone
you can turn into a most ugly possessive moron ever known

You can conquer death just by her millimeter smile,
you can die every moment until you stay alive

         So love has no discriminations,
         Bliss or misery is your choice though

Drink the wine of life through the glass of love, and
May Bliss become your very nature

Friday, January 20, 2012

YAMAHA R15 V2 - A Dream Ride

Dream come true !
Right from the days of my childhood, riding a Yamaha bike was a dream for me. Some few years back when Yamaha RX 100 bike was seen all over the roads, I was a school boy and all I could do was to stand beside the bike and admire it or at the most touch it and feel happy. Riding it became an unfulfilled desire of my life. After that, situations changed, many things happened and my life took different turns because of which this desire got buried deep into the ashes of daily activities of life. But until recently I discovered that it was buried as seed waiting to sprout whenever right environment is created. So that environment happened a few days back when actually I had an opportunity to ride on of the latest Yamaha bikes and that too the sensational, stylish and sporty R15 Version 2. After riding on it I felt I am on the top of the world.

Let me admit that it was not just an accident that led me to ride this speed machine. It was a cunning trap laid by me to my friend who was evaluating various options for buying a bike. Actually I happened to read the news about the launch of this R15 Version 2 and seeing it for the first time itself, I lost my senses. Wow! What a design! Now that my friend wanted to buy a bike and I wanted to ride it, so cunningly I plotted out a plan. I kept persistently troubling him to have a look this new R15 Version 2 bike which he did not even think of. Initially he was not interested at all whatsoever. But I persistently followed him by sending him the pictures of this bike through mail, coaxing him for a test ride just for fun even though he is not going to buy it and such kind of things. Finally my perseverance paid off and he was convinced that he should buy. Now to be frank, more than him I was happy for him buying a bike and that too my favorite Yamaha R15 version. Nothing is impossible to turn your dream into reality if you pursue it with committed heart and strong head is what I felt at that moment.

YAMAHA R15 Version 2

Finally the big day arrived for which I was waiting all my life though not just easily, but after many difficulties like not available today, come tomorrow ,difficulty in convincing the dealer for the ride before booking it etc etc. But the excitement of riding my favorite bike kept me going beyond all the hiccups with ease. Actually when the time of my life came, riding it, I just adored the bike standing beside it for a very long time and went around it time and again; just to drink its entire beauty and believe me I was intoxicated by its style. After that I gently sat over it and was checking my stance and at that moment it was like Oh My God! I did it :)

I finally rode my lover bike for about 1 km in a stretch of heavy city traffic. Even in that heavy traffic I wanted to drive it to maximum speed and get the feel of it totally. So vehicles in the road did not hold me and I went zzzooooommmmm! The dealer boy who was sitting behind me surely would have had a nightmare (pillion rider does not have anything to hold on to). But I enjoyed every bit of it; I drove up to the top most gear (5) within that heavy traffic stretch which actually gave me opportunity for checking the brakes and horn too. The very way I was just speeding on such a busy road made most of the heads to turn towards me and off course the stylish R15 Version 2 also has its own share in it. At last after the ride, I was too hesitant to get down from my dream machine, but had too without any option though.

Some technical specification from my riding experience is that bike is excellent to handle especially in city traffic; gear shift is smooth, very powerful engine, stylish looks that makes anyone go weak on their knees, loud horns and bright head lamps. One thing to watch out is the stance on takes while sitting on it which may be an issue for some of them if they will have to ride for long distances. You make an angle of around 60 degrees with the ground so there is every like possibility that you end up having back ache and even your hands may pain as most of your weight goes on your hands. In addition, the pillion rider seat is way too high and there are no grills to hold on to. So one should be an adventure lover to travel with you.

All in all it was a dream ride on my dream bike but definitely not in my dream location. Yessssss! Finally I did it.

So after that my friend booked this speed machine (red color) and we are expecting it sometime a month’s time from now. Once it gets delivered then I will have lots of fun with it to post new articles on the blog. Stay tuned.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoga or Meditation

Recently when I was having a casual talk with one of my friends, we somehow slipped into the topic of spirituality. She is more of a religious person who does all kinds of fasting, rituals etc. Now while we were discussing about the universal doubt “existence of God”, she spilled out a statement saying that yoga and meditation are two different things and according to her both are two different worlds altogether. This statement actually made me look deeper into the unexplored dimensions of our life and helped me understand the link between yoga and meditation to some extent.

Yoga in Sanskrit means, union or becoming one. So yoga is not about twisting your body or standing with your head down or doing all those unimaginable asanas. If you are sensible, you can notice in your life that for different states of our internal feel, you exhibit different external postures unconsciously. Have you noticed this? When we are happy, the way we talk, walk, sit, see etc is in a certain way and the same things we do in a totally different way when we are actually unhappy. Ancient yogis have capitalized on this link and they brought out a totally a new domain of science called as Yogic sciences for our well being. It goes this way that when you hold a certain posture, you can actually change the way you feel. So here we are becoming conscious about the way we do our external activities in order to attain a certain state of calm and peace within us. In yogic tradition it is believed that this yoga was first introduced to mankind by the Adi Yogi (Shiva) himself and he was the first person to show the way to people to attain their ultimate nature. So yoga comprises of everything we do in the name of sadhana for self-realization. What we call meditation or Dhyan is one of the limbs of yoga (Ashtanga yoga). So if you are in yoga, meditation or Dhyan has to happen. In addition there is nothing called as doing meditation, if you become aware about your inner nature you become meditative, that’s all. But now unfortunately meditation is being propagated in a totally different perspective which will subsequently destroy it with time. Meditation is not about becoming something; it is all about knowing that you are a no-thing.

Unless and until these things comes into your experience, yoga, meditation, soul, self etc are mere a group of alphabets or wordw and you will have your own set of ideas and concepts in your minds for these as you do it for all other things. Doing so will take you nowhere. These subjective aspects of life cannot be approached with total logic as you do with the survival aspects of life. Unless you  explore the deeper dimensions of life, you will lead a very superficial life as all other animal beings on this planet and the whole human life will go waste upon you. It is high time that we should move towards the path which will help us to know and experience life in it full depth and details.

So don’t get lost in this war of words and start your journey to know it yourself. Only then there is a possibility to live here as a complete human being, else you are one another animal among the countless on this planet.