Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh It is You !!

  When adrenaline is gushing through your nerves, only two things attract you, one is the latest gadgets and/or sporty automobiles and the second one is off course the hot beautiful babes. This time around fortunately or unfortunately I was pulled mercilessly towards this machine without any choice.


That evening, after an exhaustive football match, I was returning back to my home on my bike (me a goal keeper). It was then I found this sleek stunning machine just whizzing past me…zoooommmm !! Just by the glimpse of the rear light design I can recognize the maker of any car (am crazy about cars and bikes) and name it with ease. But this particular one just took me by surprise, I never happened to see such a design of the rear lights ever before nor such sleekest curvy structured body. All the models stored in my brain library refused to match with this one. Now I understood that I have just seen something entirely new for the first time. In an effort to know that machine further, I just throttled my bike (cheetah, I call it) to reach near it.


After much persuasion I could go beside that black sleek curvy monster. From the side view still I was not able to make out the parent of this child. One could say that dimensions matched with Honda Accord in general and its design was a mixture of Maruti Suzuki SX4 and Honda Civic with first look appearance. Finally the traffic signal approached (I was already praying that signal should be red for ever) and that gave me an opportunity to have a closer look at this beauty. Wow is the only word that can describe this blacky. Just went week on my knees just by the look of it. Do people call this love at first sight? I don’t know, but thatz how I felt at that moment.
 So you are already waiting to know her identity I know. A few more words will make you….?? . Ok ok….She is none other than the brand new KIZASHI from Maruti Suzuki. Happened to see her in pictures during the launch a few month ago but she just swept me off my feet when she stood beside me.

Distinct striking feature which I liked the most were the two exhaust pipes on the rear corners enhanced with silver eye shaped lining. Just superb…!!

Still adrenaline gushing through my nerves, may be this time around I will be attracted to an hot chic!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Beautiful Flower in my Garden

First day did I see you?

The Beautiful Flower
    little did I know you?

I sat beside you,

    least knowing that the moment was pregnant with possibility of such a beautiful relationship

Your first smile at me,

    made me admire the child hidden within you

Those first few words of mine,

    a desperate attempt to know you a little further

In your warmth,

    has my entire being melting

Time God was kind enough,

    to bring us together for whatever reasons

Entire planet may dissolve in your beautiful love,

    People like you are very few 

When you are around, I cannot help myself,

    but smiling insanely without choice

Those same old roads which I travel,

    suddenly started looking beautiful with you around

My journeys with you were long in measurements,

    but to me they were actually very short and impermanent

With your blessed bubbly energy,

    My heart always feels that synergy

With me, your every talk may not be of relevance,

    but am already in a state of transcendence

Not only are your praises beautiful,

    your sweet scoldings are also wonderful

Like a gentle wind did you blow into mine,

    only to uproot my very core unknown

Hope this beautiful bird may live in my life garden forever,
    may or may not happen now and here

Oh ! my friend whose name starts with R,

    without you my life may go bare

Whatever I say about you,  never becomes too much,
    please always stay in touch