Time Freezers

Shot at an altitude of 30,000 ft

Was just sailing through the clouds....most of the times we become blind to nature's fascinating beauty inspite of its repeated attempts of changing its seasons n colors to draw our attention..... we r caught in our daily non-sense which stands as an excuse for not acknowledging the divine beauty expressing itself in a myriad of ways only for each one of us......

open ur eyes n dive into the ocean of joy for eternity !!

HUMMER - my dream car

When I was shopping one evening in an Iraqi mall, this HUMMER just fell in my sight. I did not know what happened, it just drew me, I left my shopping as such n started running behind it hopin it will stop in the parkin space so that I can have a close look at it n possibly could even touch it. Fortunately that evening belonged to me, this bulky beauty stopped in between two ordinary looking cars. I waited patiently till its driver got down and move out of sight. Till then I was just admiring this macho's beauty from a distance. Once the owner disappeared into the darkness, this chubby hulky wagon became mine apparently. I suddenly became a shutterbug and captured it into my celluoid in all possible angles. "Oh my God - What a beauty !!" - breathtaking. May be this will last in my memory for long time and I can cherish it for times to come. But somehow I thought I should share my unique joy of just staying beside my fantasy wagon with you all.To make my entire experience more vivid I needed a snap of me with my hulky so people can really have an idea about the beauty I am talking about. That became one of the joyful, wonderful and memorable evenings of my life.
Thanks to myself.

My taking from this : Joy is not something for which we will have to struggle to get it..... It is always there.... when we are simple and not complex it will touch upon us.... for those few moments we are in bliss.... again we fall into our same stressful lifes searching for joy which loves simplicity and eludes complexity...... Instead of searching for joy we should transform ouselves into joy......a silly, illological, mindless fact....very much possible for each one of us....... cheers

Real or Virtual - guess ??

Once As I was passing by this tree I could not make out at first sight whether this was natural or was it man's brain child. Later after some persistent effort I could figure it out. So I felt I could share this with you all and know whether can U identify it at first look?


  1. konchem simple gaa raasthe baaguntundemo boss

  2. hi.. you know the nature's beauty is beyond one's descriptive language. The plant in the picture belongs to the same family as the common 'money plant' and the leaves are programmed by the genes in the plant to form such patterns as it matures.

    its a brilliant sight to see them change from a normal full leaf to a bigger leaf with these patters..defined and precise change.

    wish we could tap some precise changes in our mind as well..