Monday, October 18, 2010

A Divine Sweet prepared by Mother Nature for her children

"Nature's gift to mankind on this planet is countless and priceless ranging from water(elixir of life), air, space to live, food to eat,other fellow beings for procreation etc...etc. Living on natural food, forms the basis of healthy and joyful living. For the first time in my life I was fortunate to taste the 'Sweet prepared solely by nature for us'. A unique divine taste that moved me into a blissful trance eluding one's imagination."
That was a bright shiny morning as always I had just arrived to my office. Just when I was doing my daily mail checks, this marvel was brought to my table. Intial appearance did not arouse my interest much. I could see a box full of white soft flour (powdery) with some irregular shaped balls immersed in it. With hesitation I searched for the smallest specimen for test and dropped in my mouth. As my eyes were deceptive to the appearance of this nature's gift (though I did not know at that time that it is from nature), so did my tongue intially. It was somewhat sticky and as I chewed I could not make out whether the taste was good or not, rather I will put it this way I liked it or not. But certainly a whole new flavour which my tongue had not tasted before. Suddenly all my senses  awoke in a flash.

Nature's Gift (sweet) to mankind

Now I did not have an option but to take another one. Then the real taste of this divine gift struck me with all its force. I became speechless for few moments. Obvioulsy as expected I pushed as many as I can into my mouth (though one by one) with a fear (infact) whether I will be able to see this delicacy again in my lifetime. After finishing almost half the box, I still found no heaviness in my intestine and my system was functioning as good as I had nothing. Mind u folks this is clear cut indication of a natural food. My intuition was this not manmade. To confirm it I started enquirng about the making of this sweet.

Just cant wait to eat !! delicious sweets

My intuition turned out to be right. This is a sweet made from the powder that gets accumulated on the leaves of the trees seen in some particluar Mountains of Iraq. As the local person said "It is a sweet from heaven". He said that the powder is falling from the top(source not known) and gets accumulated in the leaves. These branches of trees are then cut and the powder is collected and  then processed (just cleaned no sweet added). Finally the balls seen in the above snaps are made. These balls are then filled with white flour (wheat) for not sticking with each other. Then they are packed with flour and sold as shown above in boxes.

Note: No sugar or any sweetners added
Myself...enjoyin the nature's feast

So now you all might be interested in knowing the price. Yes I know. The price is on the higher side as expected, one kg of this sweet costs u around 25$ (Rs.1125/- approx). It is available in Kurdistan (Sulaimaniya), Iraq.

My taking from this: "We should strive to take our lives beyond our prejudices to experience myriads of things (small and big) strewn around us by the almighty."

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