Monday, October 25, 2010

Myself turning Alcoholic

Late night parties, gulping many beer bottles, knocking of peg after peg was not my forte. When it comes to de-balancing ourselves, I am a total stranger until few days back, when I happened to lay my hands on a beer can. You know what, after that no stopping me.

I am made in such a way, fortunately or unfortunately that if am doing something I am totally into it or else not doing it.  No half measures in any attempt. So long during lot of occasions I did not have any interest in these beers or hot drinks. So nobody had the competence to make me drink these. But ultimately when I started drinking nobody can stop me either. Thanks to my charecter.

  It all happened in a hurry that I could hardly recollect the special occasion of my life, me drinking a beer. Mind you it is really special. I was sitting in my room lonely and had nothing to do. It was a holiday and was playing with the remote keys of the television. Suddenly an idea struck me from nowhere, may be this the time to taste the much hyped starter alcohol the "BEER". 

Without any second thought, I wore my shirt and started searching for the shop. As I was in a new country (not India) I could not locate a single shop having beer after almost roaming for about 2 hours. Highly dejected I had to return to my hotel, only to know that it served beer, of course almost four times that of the rate available outside. But after roaming so long the desire dryed off in the heat of the sun. So I decided to postpone the plan for the next day. 
My first brand
With prior planning this time I did not mess up, I bought two cans of  Heineken beer (330ml) while returning home from my office. I cannot wait to taste it , so as soon as I entered the room I opened the one of the cans and drank. The first drop of alcohol got into my digestive system ever. Having used to fantas and pepsis, my tongue did not appreciated the bitterness of the beer intially. But my enthusiasm of drinking overcame the bitterness and with help of some snacks I could overcome that somewhat ackward taste (amateur drinker) to complete the can. As been told I did not feel dizziness or something after gulping it, I was really cool. More than the Beer itself,  the enthusiasm of drinking it was a peculiar experience something similar to the happiness you can see in a child's face when he gets, after much persuasion the same toy he demanded. Then gradually I upgraded myself to 660ml cans and those gave me some real kicks for sometime after drinking them. No worries unless no addiction. Lets see.

Now I have also joined the worldwide club of beer drinking machos. So far so good. Just wanted to share an excitement of some peculiar kind which I never imagined to experience through this debalancing drink. Kudos to for all who are already reaping the benifits derived by gulping this wonderful drink.Non-drinkers, its worth giving it a short !!


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