Saturday, November 10, 2012

Earphones or Spouses

Hello excuse me, can you guide me where this place is ? (with address in my hand) I politely asked my fellow traveler in a not so crowed city bus on fine afternoon. There was no help, leave aside the help there was no response in the first place from that person. He was looking outside through the window lost in the undisciplined array of vehicles. I just increased my volume a few notches to grasp his attention "can you please tell me where is this place, when should I get down ? Still no response. I was puzzled with his behavior. As I had little time to waste, I took the help of another fellow passenger who willingly extended his helping hand generously.

Still the the thought why didn't the first fellow respond to my query was nagging me. For the rest of the whole journey I watched him carefully to know whether he was deaf. No evidences so far. Restlessness kept creeping through my blood into my head. Finally I could not but stop myself from directly approaching him to make him aware about the whole issue. Just when I was about to get out of my seat (moved to other vacant seat for confirming which stop to get down), he got up to get down in a hurry. That is when I understood that he was so far in a planet of his own. I mean he pulled out his earphones (his long tresses hid them so far) just as he was getting down. Now I could breathe a sigh of relief as my restlessness that was taking the form of Nilam (latest storm that hit east coast of India) just managed to cross the coast without causing much damage. Ha ha ha ha !!

Though it may look funny on the surface, such incidents portray the sad status of the youth of today. Today if you walk on the street of any city or a town, 7 out of 10 walking people will be doing a walk dance to the music that is ringing in their ears. This is true with people travelling in buses, trains and sometimes cars too. Even people can't jog in the beautiful morning weather without their earphones on. So what ? is the very obvious question which is jumping out from your mind immediately now.

If you are little sensible you can see there are a few potential hazards if not many by this careless attitude shown by such people on the road. First and foremost thing is that you are putting your very life at risk when you cross the road with the music on. Secondly people have to increase the earphone sound decibels to unwarranted limits to beat the external noisy traffic. Researches suggest that if you are listening with your earphones on for more than 2 hrs a day, you are prone to various illnesses (both mental and physical) and that is not the least, you may even go deaf with time. Thirdly psychologically you may become isolated (like my fellow passenger) not able to use the opportunity to interact with different kinds of fellow beings around you during your journey. Above all the music which so far was entertaining you and filling you with boundless joy will turn to become just a noise dampener. Anything in excess will turn detrimental.

So why do we need this ever ringing earphones in the first place? I feel we do these things to keep our minds engaged since it has become like a notorious monkey that keeps jumping from one place to another without any motive or purpose. We try to chain it through music. But actually we are fooling ourselves by doing this. The mind monkey is very cunning it will learn to dance to your music with time. So after sometime the same music which transported you to heaven will appear looking like hell (now you can relate the situation, I think :))

Am I against music or enjoyment ?, a big definite "NO" is what my response will be. Music is such a benediction and my heart pains to see it being converted into a curse. Lets enjoy the music to its core without reducing it just as earplugs to escape from our mind and mindless traffic of today. In addition, while travelling we get to meet such diverse personalities from different parts of the society, of different sex, caste, culture etc I feel it will be wise to make use of this opportunity to build relationship with people around us. Remember no matter where you are you always have an opening to learn something new if you are truly willing. That is the beauty of this creation. Lets realize it until it is too late. The sooner, the better

Now that my stop has come, I will get down and will go in search of the address. Oh no !! my earphones are not working....ha ha ha ha ... definitely not for music but for receiving the calls, I use them.

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