Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Mother

The Earth
Oh!  My Mother Earth..

It is in you that all of us reside,

Embraced by your compassion on every side

Beauty of you lies in your vastness,

Yet you keep every being in your closeness

What we comprehend about you is very little,

Your beauty is seen in every tiny beetle

These mortal minds keep guessing about your birth
Not realizing your real worth

Nonstop is your journey around the sun,

Showing us the way how life should be won

You emotions are seen in different seasons,

To be joyful should I have any more reasons?

Mindless mankind is stripping you of your own glory,

Not realizing that they are digging their own graves in hurry

Tears of gratitude fill my eyes,

May this human race pay heed to your cries!!

Walking on this planet sensibly is the prime need of the hour. If our mother Earth is not happy, definitely we cannot be.....

1 comment:

  1. Hey its a short and sweet poem :)
    Liked the rhyming :)