Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why this Kolaveri di ?

" Why this Kolaveri di ?" needs no explanation from me. The whole world shook to its rythmn. Even people who could not comprehend its meaning were not able to resist hearing it time and again. I heard that Japanese had brought out their own version (in their mother tongue) of the song. Such was the impact of this peppy number. Within a few days, this song had around 10 million hits in youtube which never happened before and I doubt will happen in future too. Even elders can't resist shaking their legs when their ear drums were bombarded by the sound "Why this Kolaveri di ? "

But most importantly, Why this Kolaveri di ?, took the national awardee south Indian hero called Dhanush to the heights of popularity overnight. It may never seem to be oversaid to tell that people went crazy for him after he lent his voice to this typical tamil coated english number. He became the hero of the masses. His stardom reached such pinnacles that there were talks that he would direct an Hindi movie with the all time great, Big B.

One may wonder that these are all things which world knew very well and why am I just making this blog-post look like a page in the book of modern history ?? Ok justification is as follows...
Now after this very song scaling the peaks of popularity, I had to sacrifice my own name. One may wonder why ? Now people no longer call me by my name, they either address me as Kolaveri or Dhanush. Everybody knows that this song has got Dhanush the lable of a star of international acclaim. But what no one knows is that this  same peppy number has totally dissolved my own identity (may be many people like me). My six letter name (Deepak) got replaced almost instantly after the advent of this number, not only among my friends, even my collegues and even worse among my relatives too. Now my cricket mates know me by the name of Kolaveri only. If I don't respond to that calling the next sound with higher pitch comes immediately as "hey Dhanush...can't you hear me "...!!. The reason cited is that I am a xerox of Dhanush.

This incident will make you understand my real plight in depth. Today I went to an insurance agent for my two wheeler insurance renewal. Agent was not there, so I had to wait for sometime. When he came inside, as he approached me he had a surprised and puzzled look in his face that made me uncomfortable. But eventually we were at business instantly discussing about the insurance policy renewal (still wondering about the puzzle look of him). Now to pay the premium I had to draw money in the nearby ATM and he was grateful enough to accompany me to the ATM to recive the premium amount. As we were waiting for our turn in the queue, I could not resist myself from asking the reason behind the puzzled look of his a few minutes earlier. Pat came the reply from him with a smile, he told, as he entered he saw me and felt tha Dhanush has come to his office and was surprised by that fact. He exclaimed with joy that I look exactly like Dhanush (he had seen him @ Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai last week) and anyone can mistake me for him.

As always I had no other option but smile calmly with agreement (eventhough am not sure). Now one question which I am desperately waiting to ask Dhanush is "Why this Kolaveri da ?"

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  1. I don't agree with others ! I guess U have become A real KOLAVERI to them in some way or the other so they are addressing U that way ;) ;) . . . Ha ha ha ha