Saturday, June 09, 2012

Acknowledgement is the Real Gift for a Creator

When you have taken birth on this planet, your life as a series of activities has also started. Eating, drinking, playing, reading, running etc are some of the lot, and no one can escape from this strong programming of this nature. There is no escape route whatsoever. The only choice which is left with you is that how are you performing these otherwise inevitable activities, whether joyfully or miserably, either willingly or with resistance. That is all u need to think about and frankly speaking that is all that can be done by you. All others ideas you are filled with is all just pure fantasy.

Out of the mundane lot of activities that you are forced to perform in your daily life, there are certain activities which you do heart fully and for which you can’t wait to do them. You are overwhelming with joy when doing them. Because of your love towards them they become effortless and the results are creative. Each one of us have such a thing or even better things in life, where we are ready to invest our lives on it. Many times we don’t do our close to heart works because of the expectations of people around us and due to unnecessary insecurities, most of us end up doing things throughout our lives which we would not even have dreamt in the worst of our nightmares. Things which are not close to our heart, when done every day just become so mundane and mechanical that the very thought of doing them fills us with grief. So we don’t involve much in those inevitable works but just do it for the sake of them. In the process the quality of those works or relationships suffer and the results are visible today with people around you. This all happens because people don’t have any idea about their wellbeing and what they need to do enhance their life. This is all unfortunately sheer ignorance of themselves and the gift called life.

Me as a person has no other choice either to go through the mundane activities of life. But I make sure that I do them with willingness and do not allow them to control my mood swings. Just a shift in your perspective towards life ushers substantial changes needed for better life and believe me that is all it takes. Apart from drumming, driving, photography, one of the close to my heart hobby is writing. So what do I write about? I don’t have any specific style of expression or taste or choice of topics, I write down my own experiences of life which are profound and have impact on me. It’s more of a sharing of a newly found wisdom pearl in the ocean of life, where still countless pearls are lying to be discovered. I write when I am happy, I write when I am unhappy, I write when I am thrilled, I write when I feel cheated, I write when I am bored, I write when I need to share, I write when I read something and I write when I feel I should write. That should give you an idea how amateur writer/author I am.

Acknowledment is the real gift for a creator
My articles for me were just child’s scribbling on a piece of paper, which only he understands and cherishes. I thought nobody could understand my scribbling which is nothing but my thoughts that arise as waves in my heart ocean. I was proved wrong when my poem was awarded as the best poem in the Poetry competition held in our Organization during the occasion of Environment Day, 2012. Even though some of my friends kept telling me that am a good author and should consider writing as a serious hobby, I always felt that they are fulfilling the duties of a true friend (person who likes who you are and what you do, no matter what). Acknowledgment is the real gift for an author/artist is the wisdom I gained from this competition.

My poem title “Mother Earth” (article below) was about our dear Earth who carries all of us on her lap with love and compassion but in turn we foolishly outrage her modesty. In a way my anger go an expression through these 16 lines. I strongly feel that it is our prime duty to take of the planet ,our first home in which we live, in the fullest possible way. Else we can proudly call ourselves as intellectual fools who shoot ourselves in our own foot.

“Live and Let Live” is one thing that comes to my mind at this point of time. So let us live happily and let our dear mother Earth also live joyfully.

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