Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Once More but Never Again

On any single day we come across manys such words which we never heard before, in newspapers or in conversations etc. If it is not of significance to us then we just try to fakely laugh our way through the situations to avoid any humiliation. I also was one among those herd of black sheeps who does not care much about that nuances of life until a realisation struck me that how long can I fool around like this. May be with my intelligence I can fool my fellow being beyond doubt but definitely not myself.

"Euthanasia" is one such word whose sound had hit my ear drums first time ever around four years ago. To make things worse I was given these group of alphabets "Euthanasia" as the topic of the on spot oral competition. Oral skills are probably one thing that I am good at, atleast I fell so. On that particular day, confidentally I was looking at the crowd to shower them with my word play until I heard the sound of this word. Once I heard my topic "Euthanasia", I stood spellbound. Now what the hell is this ? was the question running all over my mind. But as a testimony of my pressure absorbing skills, I threw a joke at the crowd in anticipation of getting any clue. The wit being ' who better can speak about "Euthanasia" (youth n asia,that was the hidden meaning of the comment) than me as an Indian Youth, but equally I am competent enough to speak about Euthanurope and Euthanfrica' also. Unfortunately people could laugh at my wit but cannot provide me any further clue. I laughed to myself sarcastically, and told myself that now is the time to divert the public and sneak through without anybody's notice. I then cunningly hide my ignorance about the topic and asked people think about the more burning topic which can be solved only by the youth of India. Suddenly unexpected blow hit the crowd and patriotism filled the hall. Before the crowd came to their normal senses I spoke my way through the burning topic of the world and need of the hour (it is true though). Not only did I receive heavy applause but I went on to clinch (cunningly though) the  'Best Orator' title for that year.

The beauty is that even till yesterday I did not know the meaning of the word, rather I did not attempt to know the meaning of "Euthanasia". After many days I came across this word in the newspaper yesterday and the entire memories of the the Oral competition flooded me with joy and filled me with shame. But what was  even more humiliating was that I still did not make an attempt to know the word. I stood where I was around four years ago. I am happy that atleast now I had an oppurtunity of knowing the meaning and this time around I did not want to mess around. But even an bigger bigger blow struck me when I actually understood the word. It was completely unexpected from my side to know the exact pain the word carried with it. Making things even painfull for me when I came across the case of Aruna Shanbaug who is coma for  37 years and for whom a petition was filed in the court for mercy killing. It is from this news I was given one more oppurtunity to understand "Euthanasia" and this time around I grasped it with both hands. Should I thank Aruna for washing away my historical ignorance or should I worry for her sorry state ? May be both.

Aruna, I dont know whether you understand or not, but my sincere thanks to you from the depth of my heart. We can sleep for at the most 10 hrs in a stretch, but God has given you a prolonged sleep of thirty seven years, may be he is preparing you for something else. Prayers of all of us are with u......!

As you helped me to understand the word "Euthanasia" I have a similar belief that you will help me in understanding the word "MIRACLE" from your recovery of long sleep and deep silence.

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