Saturday, March 26, 2011

Masakali - I Love You

Masakali !  Masakali  !  

Without any guesses in this article I tried to pen down my touching experience with a masakali (pigeon) that came my waywithout invitation and left me without any permission.


That particular night was no special in the sense that I set out for a night walk after my dinner as always. The moment my lift door opened (I live in third floor) I happened to see this cute little pigeon just leaning on to the wall and looking at the passing people with fear. As a bird lover, I could not resist myself from stopping for a moment and admire the beauty of the bird and its God given elegance. At around 11pm, sight of a pigeon was quite unusual and even more intriguing was the fact that it was standing at one place without flying or moving whatsoever. Ignoring her for the moment, I continued with my walk.

When I returned home in about one hour of chilling out in fresh air after a hectic busy schedule in an air-conditioned jail (office), I could still see this cutie (pigeon) standing at the same place. But somehow I could sense a kind of anguish in those tiny little round eyes. I wish I could become a pigeon to ask what was that which was troubling her. Nevertheless, I decided to go down towards her and see what was wrong with her. As I approached her, she started running away from me in fear, a spontaneous emotion that God has sown in each of his child as an alarm  to escape from danger and she was expressing that fear with a divine touch.

Somehow I could catch hold of her only to have my heart shattering into pieces. Now I understood her anguish and pain which was evident in her eyes. At this moment I heart fully thanked God for giving me a benediction of speech so that I can express my pain and shout for help. Unfortunately she could not do it. She was so uncomfortable and struggling even to walk because she was severely wounded at her back in between her wings. Probably that is the reason she could not open her wings and fly into the open sky.

Immediately, the first thing I did was I carried her with me to my home and treated the wound with some homemade remedy of turmeric-coconut oil paste which is very effective traditional (Indian tradition) way of curing those bruises and cuts. The I tried to feed her with some grains but with vain. I even kept some water, but she somehow did not feel comfortable in a new place or in a pair of new hands. I left her alone in my balcony in fresh air with some grains and water beside her.

Next day morning when I got up, the first thing I did was to check with her. To my surprise all the grains have been eaten up and she was standing fresh and energetic there. Still considering the deep wound I thought that it might take at least a couple of days for her to fly. I went inside my home to fetch some more grains to feed her. Still she was afraid of me and was running away from me when I tried to refill her breakfast plate.

As I was trying to asses her condition, suddenly to my utter surprise she saw me compassionately for few seconds or at least I felt so, then she slowly leaped onto the parapet wall of the balcony and zoom she flew high in the sky. I was taken aback and stood there spellbound admiring her flight in the air. From the depth of my heart I thanked God for providing me an opportunity to serve one of his children who was in distress. Suddenly I sensed some hollow created due to her departure in my life and wondering who would replace that now. Then I had to console myself with no other option left.

Though our relationship lasted only for a night, but the residue of that incident will remain forever with me. A peculiar sense of the satisfaction prevailed with me for whole of the following day. May I call this love ?

I hope someday in future we meet again my cute little friend !

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