Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sparrows in Sorrows

Many beautiful  things around us are slowly disappearing without our knowledge. But due the the love affair the man has with the money, he hardly notices these mesmerising architecture of the creator around him thereby entirely making his stay on this Earth a forgettable and  painful one.

It all happened when a , few days back  I was updating  myself  with the daily affairs running through the newspaper, an heartening article did catch  my attention. Until then I did not realise how mean and worthless life are we human beings living on this uniquely gifted planet from the almighty. We hardly care about our fellow creatures who have come here to share space with us on the same Earth.

The article was about the reducing number of the Sparrow population which is on the verge of extinction. These sparrows which were once everywhere during my childhood can hardly be seen anymore today. And the ugliest thing with me was until  I read this article I could hardly realise  about  the demise of my fellow beings  which were disappearing from the scene, thanks to my selfish attitude. By reading that article, a  flood of memories inundated me  like how I used to feed these small beautiful birds every morning when I was a child and how I used to play with them eveyday. Their very presence brings harmony and peace to the space  where they are. Their quick reflexes are always a thing of admiration and beauty. They were both beautiful and intellingent birds.

The reason suggested in the article for their population being pushed to brink of extinction was the changes in the lifestyle of the people. These small birds feed on the tiny worms and insects, but today we use all kinds of sprays and insecticides in our homes , gardens and fields that we not only washed out  more than half of the insect population  but along with them the dependent sparrows also. So is our "Modernization and Globalization". Shame on ourselves. Once again, we  are continuously washin out a species  that was sent along with us to live on this planet, . The  microwaves from the mobile towers is sited as other important reason for their dissapearance. With time these mobile towers will be increasing amny folds thereby demolishing the entire sparrow kingdom.

In the name of  growth and developement we are ignorantly and ruthlesslessly killing every other living creatures on this planet. Growth at the  cost of other fellow beings cannot be considered to be growth. It is high time  we become conscious about creatures around us and become sensible for their unasked needs also. As the most evolved animal on this planet, human beings owes this to his fellow beings.

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