Saturday, April 23, 2011


"Whatever happens, it happens for a reason , sometimes known and many times unknown" is famous old saying. An incident occurred yesterday with me to turn this saying into a fact.

It was a working day for me unlike all others who were enjoying  their Ram Navami (Indian festival) at home. Now dont think this is what I am whining about with help of this proverb. It was late in the afternoon I received a call from one of my good friends (Naresh) asking me to get him the keys from his room mate as he had forgotten on his way back. Generally his voice is quite strong in the phone but for the first time it appeared shaky and stumbling.  Negating my initial hiccups I made it to his home as quickly as possible only to see him lying on the floor of his building semiconscious. I was taken aback. Now I immediately called for an auto through my office colleague and friend (Punit). When he arrived we both had to literally carry him to the auto and started towards a famous hospital nearby. Punit accompanied Naresh in the auto while I followed them in my bike. All along the road he was vomiting and was not even able to sit steadily. Special thanks to Punit for patiently taking care of Naresh on the way.
Once we reached the hospital, treatment started right away. Then we were relieved once we handed him over to the doctor. After that we completed all the formalities and filling those long questionnaires was similar to the horrifying experience of filling the application form for any Central Government jobs. Thanks to our patience. The real surprise was waiting to burst when suddenly we saw one of our colleague (Abhishek)  who came towards us in the hospital. We did not inform anyone about this incident and there were thousand questions running in our minds as we greeted him with a puzzled smile. Then I made a casual enquiry of his acquittance about the matter. The reply from him totally swept me off my feet and for the first time I could realise myself as a dancer amongst millions, in this cosmic stage with the almighty as the choreographer.

Abishek gave us the phone of Naresh and said that he had got this phone in an auto which he boarded about half an hour ago on his way to home. Incidentally that auto turned out to be the same one on which we drove Naresh to the hospital. Somehow due to his inconvenience, Naresh could not sense that his mobile was lost. Even it evaded Punit's attention who was attending Naresh with total care. The cosmic play turned out even more interesting when Abhished said that he spotted this phone in the auto, he could not locate whose phone it was. While checking the contacts list in the phone he came across an acquaintance in the A-list of the phone itself and without any hesitation and rightly so, called the person. From that person he came to know that the phone belonged to Naresh but still puzzled where Naresh possibly could be now. Then he called Naresh's room mate to whom we left only a little hint of Naresh being admitted in the hospital. It is then he came to know about the hospital. As told by my friend even the auto driver was not able to tell him the name of the hospital but could tell him the location by which he could locate us. Special thanks to Abhishek for his concern.

The whole play of things appeared to be well knitted in the hands of an expert who can do miracles on daily basis. Totally mesmerized did I stand there without knowing whether to believe what had happened or to probe it rationally. Though with our logical bent of mind we can ignore it as just a coincidence, we should ask ourselves whether everything that is happening in our lives and those of others are coincidences of this type ? If answer is on the affirmative then we should shamefully accept that we are all floating on the ocean of life even though all are aware that pearls of happiness and joy are found in depths. So to reach to depth we need courage or skill? I think both in right proportions at appropriate times. Go dive in and get those pearls of eternal bliss.

Now while I scripting this text Naresh is fine and has returned back to his normal life.

God Bless !

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