Monday, March 21, 2011

Speed thrills but kills- Beware

First of all I wish a very "Happy Holi" to all my fellow bloggers and readers

Touch and go situations happens with us many times in our lives. But in this anxiety filled racing world we fail to look back at those unique moments and contemplate on them to gain insights into the realm of hidden world of possibilities and probabilities. One such thing happened with me today which prompted me to record that moment of fear painted with surprise in my blog and share here with you all, just to create awareness that each and every situation arises in this cosmos not by accident, but appears as a well planned thought out process.

It all started like this,as always, I was racing in my Cheetah (Pulsar 180 bike) on the highway at about 90kmph. On any other day I would have been a bit on the slower side (not <75 kmph though), but this being sunday and in addition Holi (Indian festival of colors), the highway (Mumbai-Pune) wore a deserted look and my cheetah just unleashed in its full potential and drove the entire stretch in style. It was late in the evening (around 7.00 pm IST) and the cool breeze was brushing my skin and my entrire body cells instantly woke up and started dancing to its rhythm. 

Everything was fine until I saw a middle aged person who was standing at the side of the road with his hand stretched out for help. I mean he wanted lift, so he was trying to catch the attention of the speeding vehicle drivers and latch on to their vehicle. When I approached close to him he did the same thing with me too, but somehow I felt that his gesture to me was a bit on the harsher side. So reluctance crept into my mind, this few seconds of reluctance was enough to cross him in a flash and I was way ahead of him due to my already zooming speed (90kmph). Instantly, seconds later I could sense that the car (White Mauriti Swift) in front of me slowed down suddenly and almost came to a halt. That gave me smells of something unusual happening in the vicinity. I slowed down a little bit (still at 70kmph) to be cautious. Suddenly at this juncture that disaster thing happened.

As I was behind the car I could not know the reason for the sudden stoppage of the car. Without having a hint of the danger lying ahead, I just overtook the car from the left side (in India overtaking should be done from right side). Buuzzz.....! came the monster shouting with its cheeky tone from nowhere and was right in front of my bike. A old rabid dog which was the reason behind the stoppage of the car, was trying to escape from the car and in process of saving its life it started running in all directions out of fear. Without realising the danger ahead, I overtook the car and was about to hit that stray dog in that speed. Only God knows what could have happened to both of us (me and the dog) if I am to hit him? Fortunately I could pull my brakes exactly at the right time and I could just stop my cheetah (pet name for my bike) in time by brushing his tail. Thank God, you saved both of us today was my immediate response !

After a few minutes when my heartbeat resumed to its normal rate, I just contemplated on this incident. A myriad of question struck me from all around. If at all I would have stopped to pick that man who asked me for lift then I would have avoided this mishap. Is it my fault that I did not help that middle aged man with lift that I was punished ? How should I thank the almighty who helped me in escaping from the jaws of death?

As per my understanding, I see a well knit cloth of events that happened one after the other. My taking from this is that never ignore anything or anyone for whatever reason, you never know what is the consequence you will have to face by not responding to God's messengers.

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