Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Unique Page from my Travel Log

One more day of mine has passed in trying to tame the hunger demon by earning our daily bread ofcourse not without sufficient fun though.

There is a saying that this entire life of ours is a journey. Whether we make a heaven out of this unique journey or a hell out of it, due to our sheer ignorance is all the choice we are left with. On that account these few peculiar moments of mine (about to describe) are those that I stole from the eternal cosmos and hid with me forever.

Being a traveller by inborn nature, fortunately I am placed in a job that demanded frequent visit to new places (inside and outside my country (India)) as a part of my profile. Out of countless situations during my travel around the world, which are unique by themselves I will describe one such encounter that I had enjoyed the most and will cherish throughout my lifetime.

Bird's eye view of Timor Leste
 When I was in Timore Leste (island near Australia), I was awe struck by the beauty of the place. Unfortunately nowadays beauty of the country is measured by the tall buildings, long flyovers and wide roads. I kindly request you all to drop those distorted perceptions of the word beauty when reading this blog topic. The island was a very small one, almost it takes only 3 to 5 hours to go around the entire island in a car. But the pristine beauty of the nature is intact even today, with one side bounded by the sea (timor sea) while on the other side stood the tall mountains with lush green cover. Nothing less to be called as a "Heaven on Earth". After living my entire life amidst pollution and  crowds, my stay there was totally refreshing. My entire spirit woke up from a very long sleep of years together.

Unsung Style Icons
Everyday I used to walk along the beach early in the morning listening to the waves and talking to the cool breeze. One such morning I came across a few children who were inquisitively following me as I was clicking snaps of the early morning scenery (Of course I am a shutter bug also). Somehow I fell in love with the innocence evoked by those children. Then I spoke to them but they could not understand English and obviously I could not understand their local language. First time ever for me, it so happened that the language had lost its significance in communication. Their eyes were speaking, their smiles were aloud and their hands and legs assertive, amidst this all their words hid without compromising to convey their message to me. That morning was one of those very unique mornings for which I thank the almighty for giving me opportunity to interact with those innocent souls which inturn helped me to invoke my long forgotten innocence effortlessly.

The boys shown in the photographs are the ones I was talking and admiring about. Seeming stylish, aren't they? Their very hairstyle tells you their personality rather the environment in which they grow and live. But the ugly part of their lives is that the political situation is very volatile there. My sincere prayers to the almighty that let the life of those people also be as beautiful as their innocence and  let peace privail throughout their land.


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