Saturday, January 15, 2011

Turning Aquatic from Terrestrial

After sitting in the office for full 8 hours, I was definitely not in a very good mindset when leaving to guest house (was away from India) in the evening. Life has hit its routine and became monotonous and desperately in search of adventure and enthusiasm.

Once I reached my hotel room, this time around I had an oppurtunity to open myself up to a never before challenge. Though there was a swimming pool in the hotel, but I hardly took notice of it. Today I decided to plunge into the pool and move my hand and legs as fast as I can (I dont know to swim).

Dare if u can....
The first time I removed all my clothes left with only vest and brief, standing in a place outside India (my motherland) that too outside my bathroom infron of the pool. Overcoming my intial hesitation I slowly slipped myself into the pool from one of its corners. Its was amazing that once I was in touch with the water, all my hesitation got washed away and I started to play in the water exactly as a child used to play in his bathroom tub. Almost I stayed in the water for two full hours an taking tips from my co swimmers I could learn the tricks of staying afloat in the water. My progress card for the first ever class in swimming of my life has to be filled, I guess it should be topmost grade. As a quick learner of things I like the most, swimming was one of them and yesterday became the testimony of my quick learning skills.
Swimming was really a throughly enjoying session and will hope to learn it quickly when the time is ripe.

Warning: All international swimmers watch out... an Indian tiger started finding its touch in water toooooooo

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