Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sony is my Munni - Love you darling

“Holding it in my hand gave me the pride of a father holding his child for the first time ever”. Yes I am mentioning about that moment when I actually could lay my hands on this masterpiece from Sony.

Once on my way to Bahrain, myriad of places and people of various cue and culture drew my attention all along the journey. Not only enjoying the sight at that moment, I wanted to go a little further and freeze those relishable moments so that I can share those beautiful moments with my dear ones and may be few years down the line I myself may lay down on a bed and go lighter by running through these snaps. Unfortunately I did not have a machine of my choice then, let me put it in simple words, I did not possess a camera of my own so that I could carry it with me all the time. Whenever I needed a camera I borrowed one from the list of available friends and subsequently my job was done without much complexity.

Me and my love

This time around none of my mates came to my rescue. Not even one of them was in a position to lend me a camera for whatever reasons they had then. With a bit of dejection, I had to leave for my trip to Bahrain. With very little time left, I could not buy a new one either. No time for that huge R&D which I perform whenever I buy something new especially electronic gadgets. I said to myself, may be this trip cannot be frozen on celluloid, better luck next time.

The turning point of the whole story which was least expected crossed here. Once I reached Bahrain Airport I had almost 6 hrs of waiting time for my next flight. Thanks for scarcity of the flights. So only option left with me was to survey the airport inch by inch in the best possible way I could and Bahrain Airport being not very big, my entire round of survey was over by one hour. I saw my watch and I could sense the pain of till good 5hrs of stay, waiting to embrace me with love. When looking around I could find a duty free shop in the airport. “Everything to see, nothing to buy” being the motto of window shopping, I followed it strictly until I saw this cute little piece from Sony.

Now the initial dejection of not being able to get a camera this time started to run down as a full length movie in my mind theatre. As soon as I regained my consciousness I could see something in front of me as though waiting for me to come and take it back home. Yes she was my cute Sony Cybershot (W310) digital camera. I lost myself to her mesmerizing beauty. May I call this “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”. I don’t know, but at that moment I felt she is mine and I will have her with me all along my life.

My Love - awesome

Once I decided I should own her, a crazier thing happened. Generally it so happens, our head never respects our heart in matters of choice. This happened with me also. Even when I felt she is mine but my rational mind pushed me to enquire about the features of all other models who were standing beside her as though they are nowhere in competition to her cute build. I felt, in the digital ramp of beauty contest, my queen (W310) shone with resplendence that one could imagine off. Finally after much persuasion of almost 2hrs, I threw my logical mind in to the heap of love for my newly found possession in my heart. Then at last I made it, I owned her. Once I bought her, the first thing that struck me was “Yes I owned her and she is mine forever “was a deeper felling that evades the trap of words.
Dark beauty - elegant from all sides
Her features includes 12.1 megapixel photos, 4x digital zoom, 8x optical zoom, 2 GB memory card and an elegant smooth slim design made her look sexy. Easy to handle and light weighted, anyone who even does not know a speck of photography also would desperately wish to clip a shot just because of her structure and simple handling technique. From then on the entire trip was a Photography Mela for me. I almost took around 800 to 1000 snaps in a matter of 2 to 3 days. Her Intelligent auto module is awesome and makes one to take photos just for the sake of it.

Collage of photos by new Sony W310

She and I so long make excellent companions together and eventually will continue in the same fashion in the future.

Special thanks to my friends who were not in a position to lend me their cameras this time. If they did then I would have not found my cuttie. Was it God’s will or my choice? How does it matter as long as I found my much sought after darling (W310).
                              My Love….. My Love….. Sony dear ur My Love

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