Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She is my Love

In the twilight of the evening, I was walking in the park, surrounding a small pond with trees on both sides of the way acting as roofs. Ah ! What a creation ? Hats of to the creator ! Everything appeared beautiful for that moment, be it small children playing hide and seek or bulky aunt's quick walk to regain her zero figure or the elderly people's loud chats and laughs. Come on, nothing unusual happened to me except that my girl, my love (one side love, my side only) was with me walking along my side which made my entire existence beautiful. Entire creation appeared nothing but just an extension of her mesmerizing beauty.

Every step was joy walking beside her. Though it was just any other day for her, but for me this day became etched in my memory forever for all the crazy feelings which I went through in those few minutes. As we walked beside each other, I kept on working how to reduce the distance between us while talking all those stupid things which otherwise I would never even listen too. With much persuasion I managed to brush my hand on hers (as though unknowingly) in a feathery touch. I am sure she would have not even sensed that touch but my senses woke up as though they were waiting from birth for this day. With no signs of opposition from her, I kept brushing her hand (though stronger this time) continuing my non-sense talk. Occasional side glances of her eyes sent shivers down my spine. The dance of her lips while executing the task of speech made me understand the choreographic element of the creator. Her chubby cheeks are still managing to reflect light in full blaze during this late evening hour when even sun is begging for its shine. All of a sudden planting those occasional smile on her face in between our talks became the sole goal of my life.

Borrowing some courage from somewhere, hesitantly I managed to grab her forearm (not palm) once in a while to sense if there is any disagreement shown from her. Those forearms were marble pillars that shone even in the dark and were softer than the butter. Generating a bit more courage I slowly approached down and held her palm. Still she showed no signs of any anger or frustration and continued singing the words and her lips still dancing to the tune of her voice and words. Finally when I could mange to touch her palm, Oh my God, really that's the ultimate felling I ever had in my life. The texture of her palms made me go crazy. The very feel of it transported me beyond this earth. We have crossed half the park and only still half is left is the bitterest thing to digest for me at that moment of time.

Yet the most unexpected thing that made my life worth living happened then, when she too held back my hand for fraction of a minute. Even though that did not last for a long time, those few moments of joy will transcend time and live for eternity. She intertwined her fingers with mine and that's it and I was ready to die that moment unconditionally. On that day, I felt I have fulfilled the purpose for which God has created this creation, this beautiful angel and of course me. Although her finger grasp got loosen in some time, I did not loosen the grip or leave her hand and I treasured her hand as the most precious thing known to me in this planet. Walking hand in hand with her made me realize what heaven would feel like and the kind  of bond that prevailed between Adam and Eve. The huge park suddenly appeared tiny and with her hand in my hand I felt that I could traverse those mighty Himalayas with ease. My craziest hope (against hope) was that those beautiful moments with my love should continue for eternity, I didn't know how, but felt it should continue.

Everything was beautiful and romantic when I was totally melting like ice, until I could hear my mother's stern voice, shouting at me "You useless fellow, its already 9 am, now get up and get ready for the office". It is only then I realized that everything was a dream and actually these things can happen with me only in dream (already I am 27 years old, you can understand my pain). Then I shook myself out from the dream and replied "Ya mom, let me wake up to reality".

It is a general saying that morning dreams actually materialize. So hoping against hope that these beautiful moments of my dream may turn real someday. If it happens then you all will be burdened with another blog post friends :-)


  1. All through my reading, I felt that this was true, only to find out at the end that it was Ur "Beautiful dream" . . . I hope Ur Dream comes true!!! :) :)
    All the best and don't forget to inform me first!!

  2. Waiting for that beautiful day Rohini :)

  3. Waiting for that beautiful day Rohini :)

  4. Really!! it still didn't happen ??