Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Punjab Bale Bale over Mumbai

Nowadays the IPL matches has taken over my evening entertainment. My entire May evenings has gone with myself laying on the couch with a newspaper in my hand. Reading and watching going hand in hand. Yesterday was something special not for IPL but for me. I went through a rollacoster of emotions in a 3 hour game between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians.

Happy times for Kings XI Punjab
In a must win situation the King's XI Punjab had to take over mighty Mumbai Indians in a league match on 10/05/2011 at Mohali (home ground for Punjab). Somehow for unknown reasons I predicted a Punjab's win and updated the same on my twitter page. The moment I updated the comment on my page that "today Punjab is going to win over Mumbai Indians" the fortune of Punjab took a turn over. They were a below average team up till now with their performance and never even in my wild imaginations could I believe that they could beat the Mumbai Indians (MI)who are consistently performing, evident from their table  topper's title.

With a mediocre total of 160+ to get, MI started their innings with great confidence and with no clue whatsoever about the humiliation they are upto, they started playing. In the third over itself, the God of cricket, as called by his fans, Sachin fell to an excellent ball from Pravin Kumar. Then within no time MI were  three down for thirty in 6 overs. I became very excited and started jumping in joy. Thinking today, still I don't understand why did I support Punjab over Mumabai, as me being a Chennaite and love Chennai Super kings from the bottom of  my heart. As the match progressed, on one hand I kept on updating comments on my twitter about my anticipation of Punjab win and on the other hand the wickets kept tumbling like a pack of cards. Finally MI were bowled out for a mere 87 runs if I am not wrong.

Now the beauty is that my prediction that Punjab is going to win the match inspite of their poor show in this IPL,2011 negating the consistent MI team turned out to be true. I was elated more that my prediction had turned true than the huge win that Punjab had claimed over MI.

Whatever, now Gilchrist should acknowledge the fact that apart from their regular practices and strategies,my prediction and twittering too helped them to clinch those most important two points to stay alive in the tournament.

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