Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dodda Alada Mara

"Dodda Alada Mara" - This is not Korean language. Infact am talking about a very ancient language, the first language on this planet beyond words. Yes it is the "language of the nature"

Branches or Roots - Infact both !!

"Dodda Alada Mara"  is the kannada (an Indian Language) name for the banyan tree. This is a place very close to Bangalore about 30kms, on the way to Mysore, where this giant beast stands tall with pride. Yes this is a  huge banyan tree which is estimated to be about 400 years old. As a passionate biker, this was just the ideal place to have a half day trip on a early Sunday morning when the entire city is still sleeping. It was two of us who decided to get there in their respective bikes on that particular Sunday.

Punctured hole located
We left around 7:30 am in the morning and travelled via the outer ring road and then to the Nyce ring road (marvel of bangalore) before getting on to the Mysore road and to the coveted destination. We reached there by 9:30 am. Its not because we rode like snails in our respective Pulsar (my Cheetah) and R15, but my friend's R15 back tyre got punctured. So that extra time went into fixing it.

After a few meteres into the Bangalore-Mysore road from the Nyce ring road, take a right turn and within a few kms, you should be standing under the shadow of this biggest tree I have ever witnessed in my life. Just the sheer size of the tree humbled me as a human. Sincere salute to the immense and vast Nature and its design.

Nature transgressing the manmade boundaries

Spread across a vast area of 3 acres, this giant tree is simply huge and no camera available today can capture its beauty in its totality. But unable to overcome my exictement of sharing this unique experience, I clicked few snaps of the tree. If you feel what is great about this tree by seeing these photographs, I as a photographer has failed to justify a natural marvel in its entirety. So you need to experience it personally to understand the immensity of the nature and what it feels to stand under the shadow of this giant that stood there for almost 400 years braving all odds of the time. English language seems poor to describe my experience.

Sky Scrapper

There were few monkey around with their typical mischiveous gestures which was fun to watch and to photograph them.

Few monkey around
 All in all it was not an another regular lazy mundane Sunday. Today, I am happy and thankful to myself for making an effort to get to such a beautiful and astonishing palce on this planet and even better now I have one more unique experience to upate my blog :) :)

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